NAPA AUTO PARTS THUNDER ON THE HILL RACING SERIES OPENS 26TH SEASON . . . . . . . 102 CARS TAKE PART IN GRANDVIEW THUNDER 5-25'S, VICTORIES FALL TO STRUNK, BROWN, GILMORE, BUCKWALTER & STOUGH SUNDAY NIGHT AT GRANDVIEW SPEEDWAY Sunday night at the Grandview Speedway the NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series opened their twenty-sixth season with the Grandview Thunder features only program. The five twenty-five lap feature events saw Robert Stough take the win in the twenty-five lap Legends feature as Tim Buckwalter took the win in the ARDC midget feature as Kenny Gilmore won the Sportsman feature. David Brown was the winner of the TSRS Sprint feature as Jeff Strunk made the winning pass off the final turn on the last lap to win the twenty-five lap Modified feature over Doug Manmiller. A total of one hundred and two race cars took part in the five division racing program. The twenty-five lap Legends feature opened the racing program at the one-third mile oval with Robert Stough setting the early pace. By lap eleven, Stough had his hands full with Chad Earnst and Jason Rochelle now challenging for the lead On lap thirteen, Earnst took the lead and set the pace for two laps. Stough worked his way back to the top spot on lap twenty-one with Jason Fuhrman and Bill Diehl in the hunt. The top five ran under a blanket with Stough taking the win over Bill Diehl, Jason Fuhman, Donnie Leiby and Nate Renfro, The ARDC Midgets were called to the track for the second feature of the night. Tommy Kunsman Jr set the pace for the first two laps with PJ Gargiulo taking the lead on lap three. Tim Buckwalter entered the picture and took the lead on lap five. Once on top, Buckwalter appeared to be on his way to victory but Nick Wean had other thoughts which included taking that win for himself. At the halfway point, Buckwalter, Wean PJ Gargiulo, Danny Stratton and Steve Drevicki made up the top five. By lap sixteen, there was a three car battle for the lead between Buckwalter, Wean and Gargiulo. Wean continued to apply pressure in the final laps and as the field passed the line on lap twenty-one, Wean was challenging for the lead. As the laps ticked by, Wean again reeled in the leader and with the white flag waiving, he was looking to make one more challenge for the win. Coming off turn four with the checker flag waiving, race leader Tim Buckwalter and Nick Wean tangled with both cars spinning, third place runner PJ Gargiulo now made a move for the lead. Buckwalter managed to get his midget going in the right and was heading to the wire as Gargiulo was in the hunt. As the checker flag fell, Buckwatler pulled out the win with Gargiulo second, Nick Wean third and Danny Stratton third. The Sportsman took over the speedway for their twenty-five laps feature with Mike Lisowski the front runner for the first two laps. By lap three, Jim Houseworth was the race leader with Brad Arnold quickly moving into contention. Kenny Gilmore was making a run to the front of the pack and on lap nine, he became the new race leader. Gilmore continued to set a torrid pace with Jim Houseworth now racing second with Craig Whitmoyer challenging in third. Whitmoyer moved into second on lap twenty and with just five laps remaining, he was chasing down Gilmore. Gilmore rallied home the winner over Whitmoyer, Brett Gilmore, Jim Housework and Paul Kline for the win. The TSRS Sprints made their first appearance at a Thunder on the Hill event and young Ryan Stillwaggon led the first two laps with Tim Tanner taking the lead on lap three. David Brown was racing in second by lap five. By lap nine, Brown caught the leader and for the next three laps, they would race side-by-side for lead, but suddenly, Stillwaggon was back in the chase and challenging for the lead. On lap thirteen, Stillwaggon went to the front of the line to again take the lead. Stillwaggon had solid command of the top spot over David Brown and Tim Tanner. A late race red flag was now going to change the outcome of the race. When green flag racing resumed, Stillwaggon was setting the pace but when exiting turn four, the leader spun displaying the yellow flag. Brown now sat on the pole with just two laps remaining. The race went green and David Brown ran to hide from the rest of the field taking the victory over Tim Tanner, Jeff Geiges, Karl Fryer and Scott Frack. The night cap was the 25 lap Modified feature and this was also going to be a thriller. Mike Gular led the first lap with Jeff Strunk taking the lead on lap two. Once on top, it appeared that Strunk may have an easy ride. One thing all drivers learn, nothing comes easy at Grandview and this race was far from over. At the halfway mark, Strunk was cruising in the lead followed by Gular with Doug Manmiller inching in on the leader. Manmiller was on a mission and by lap nineteen, he not only caught Strunk, he offered his first challenge for the lead. As the leaders passed the line on lap twenty, Manmiller was the new race leader with Strunk now doing the chasing. Strunk stayed close looking for a chase to regain the lead, then a yellow flag on lap twenty-four would determine the outcome of this race. The green flag fell and Manmiller took the high lane as Strunk dove to the bottom. The two leaders race side-by-side for the final lap. Exiting turn four, Strunk used the bottom and took the lead and the win off the final turn for a thrilling crowd pleasing finish. Strunk took the win over Manmiller, Jaren Umbenhauer, Danny Erb and Glenn Strunk. LEGENDS FEATURE 25 LAPS ROBERT STOUGH, BILL DIEHL, JASON FUHRMAN, DONNIE LEIBY, NATE RENFRO, CHAD EARNST, CHRIS SPIDLE, KEITH HARING, JASON ROCHELLE, RICK HARTWIG, DEAN FICARRO, CHRIS WARD, ANDY WHALING, MASON CHANEY, CHRIS TRANSEAU, TRAVIS PERRY, JACOB FETZH, SCOTT HOUDESHELL, SCOTT DEANER SR. ARDC FEATURE 25 LAPS TIM BUCKWALTER, PJ GARGIULO, NICK WEAN, DANNY STRATTON, STEVEN DREVICKI, BRENDEN BRIGHT, TONY DIMATTIA, BRUCE BUCKWALTER JR, TREVOR KOBYLARZ, SHAWN JACKSON, RYAN GRETH, TROY BETTS, BRIAN GILMORE, PJ PAVLICK, AUSTIN BURKE, THOMAS KUNSMAN, BRETT WANNER, JIM JACKSON, BRETT ARNDT, JIM RADNEY SPORTSMAN FEATURE 25 LAPS KENNY GILMORE, CRAIG WHITMOYER, BRETT GILMORE, JIM HOUSWORTH, PAUL KLINE, KEN ECKERT, BRIAN HIRTHLER, RYAN LILICK, BRAD ARNOLD, DEAN BACHMAN, JASON NEIDLINGER, KYLE LILICK, BRANDON WHITMOYER, MIKE WAHL, PAUL HOUSEKNECHT, MIKE LISOWSKI, DAVE DISSINGER, CORY SECHRIST TSRS SPRINT FEATURE 25 LAPS DAVID BROWN, TIM TANNER, JEFF GEIGES, KARL FREYER, SCOTT FRACK, JON HAEGELE, RYAN STILLWAGGON, BRAD FRANKS, ZACK BURD, TOMMY CARBERRY, EDDIE WAGNER, BRYANT DAVIS, MIKE HAGGENBOTTOM, KEITH ANDERSON, SAMANTHA LEIBERMAN, TONY SMOLENYAK, PAT U'SELIS, ADAM CARBERRY, JOE KAY MODIFIED FEATURE 25 LAPS JEFF STRUNK, DOUG MANMILLER, JARED UMBENHAUER, DANNY ERB, GLENN STRUNK, FRANK COZZE, BILLY PAUCH JR, TIM BUCKWALTER, DON NORRIS JR, KYLE WEISS, RAY SWINEHART, KEVIN HIRTHLER, KYLE BORROR, MIKE LAISE, COLT HARRIS, BRIAN HOUSEKNECHT, BOBBY GUNTHER WALSH, MIKE GULAR, MIKE KELLNER, ERIC BIEHN, MEME DESANTIS, RON SELTMAN, RYAN GRIN, MIKE BAILEY, JOHN WILLMAN. The Next two Thunder Events: Tuesday, June 2 THUNDER ON THE HILL RACING SERIES- -Jesse Hockett Classic 7:30 PM USAC NATIONAL WINGLESS SPRINT TOUR & ARDC Tuesday, June 16 THUNDER ON THE HILL RACING SERIES 7:30 PM SUPER DIRTCAR SERIES MODIFIEDS 18th Annual TRAFFIC JAM ALL MODIFIEDS. . . . . ALL NIGHT Modifieds DOUBLE DOWN $1,000 PPB bonus to win both features Big Block Modifieds 60 laps, 358 Modifieds 30 laps *NASCAR Point Race END


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Jesse Hockett Classic USAC National Wingless Sprint Tour & ARDC Wingless Midgets

SUPER DIRTCAR SERIES MODIFIEDS 18th Annual TRAFFIC JAM 7:30 PM Big Block Modifieds 60 laps, 358 Modifieds 30 laps *NASCAR Point Race

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